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Nonfat Greek Yogurt on the Cheap…

Costco has 2 x 32 oz of non-fat greek yogurt for $6.97!  Such a great deal!

Super cool ideas for greek yogurt:

  • Use as a substitute for sour cream
  • Marinate proteins (makes meat sooo incredibly soft!)
  • Use to make creams
  • Top with low-fat granola and fruit for a snack
  • Use to make smoothies
  • Mix to make dips (tzatziki)
  • Mix with honey and whole grain cheerios for a great snack

Nonfat greek yogurt is very similar to regular nonfat yogurt, except that is undergoes further processing.  More of the whey, carbohydrate, and lactose is removed.  This yogurt is lower in sodium, higher in protein, has a smoother taste, lower in carbohydrates, but has less calcium.  Nonfat greek yogurt has a similar caloric intake as regular nonfat yogurt, but more of those calories are from protein source, rather than carbohydrate source.  Higher protein content tends to help you stay satiated longer.