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AHA vs Sodium Industry

On Blast:  Lowering Sodium Intake

The American Heart Association (AHA) has replied a “strongly worded submission” (<–please read the link!) to FSIS regarding the overwhelming evidence that reducing sodium* intake improves cardiovascular outcomes.  The AHA President continues to support his argument and err on the side of scientific evidence, rather than with studies sponsored by the sodium industry.

I love the end where Kathryn Weimer of General Mills admits that manufacturers are not interested in creating a lower sodium/healthier option product if it’s not going to sell as well in the marketplace.  Of course that’s true, but it’s further evidence that these companies do not have our well-being at heart.  Alllll about the money.  **Glad that we have organizations, like AHA, to be our voice.**

I do think that we are aiming high with our drastic sodium reduction targets, but we have got to start somewhere.  Not addressing the issue of excessive intake is irresponsible health care.  Let’s decrease the salt, continue to gain momentum on the home gardening movement, keep buying fresh locally (farmers markets, CSAs), and keep investing in our health. 

*Of course, if you are an endurance athlete or another individual with specific needs, lowering sodium may not be the most idea option for you.  Always best to ask an RD or your medical provider.

Verdict:  Team AHA!  Put the salt shaker down and try fresh/dried herbs instead!