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Going Electronic to Maintain Diet/Exercise

The American Heart Association (AHA) just released the results from their SMART (Self-Monitoring And Recording with Technology) study.  Of their participants, those who used smart apps “significantly better…for attendance, self-monitoring and energy and exercise goals.” Those who received reminders/feedback saw a 5% reduction in weight over those who did not receive those messages.  Interesting and hopefully, insightful/inspirational for anyone interested in making a healthy lifestyle change.

LoseIt is a great one to try!  I’ve heard great things about MyFitnessPal, but I have not used it myself.  It’s on the list of things to do next month.  These are both free applications.

If you use or try one of these programs, let me know what you think!  I’m curious.  And if you have not tried one, check them out!!  I’ve seen great results from them!


The Robostir

$10.99- Must try

This almost looks too good to be true…but I still want to try it out!  How great would this be for dishes that have to be constantly agitated or stirred?  Their website says it has 3 speeds, is safe for non-stick, and is waterproof.  For $10.99, it’s a must try!

Introducing the Fitbit and the Aria Scale


I have to get this.  This little gadget can track the steps you take, stairs you climb, calories you burn, and even your sleep pattern.  What I especially love is that it can wirelessly sync with on your iphone.  At $99.95, I think this is a really fun and neat gadget, but I think it’s a want.

$129.95- want

If you really want to get fancy, this is the new Aria scale.  This scale tracks weight, BMI, and % body fat.  It syncs to and automatically recognizes users.  I think this is only available through pre-order right now and is price $129.95.  At that price, I’d say this is really neat, but a want.